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I saw that you recently made a version of spaceteam for the apple T.V. Can you(Or someone else) port it to chromecast. Thanks


  • Hi @Ki870, the Unity rebuild makes it much easier to add features like this and I can also reuse a lot of the work I've done for Apple TV so yes I'm planning to add Chromecast and Android TV support in the near future. I'll post here when it's ready!
  • Also if you need me to test it if you dont have a chromecast or android tv I have both the only setback is that I am on vacation until ugust 2nd so I will only have my chromecst
  • Thanks! Google was very kind and sent me both an Android TV and a Chromecast to test with but if I need more testers I'll let you know.
    I want to release the initial v2.0 as soon as I can and then I'll add Chromecast support soon afterwards.
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